About Us

PneumaCC’s Mission:

 Smart, Simple and Affordable air filtration systems

PneumaCC is a company located in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  The founders are friends who feel passionate about giving people the ability to positively impact their health by using air filtration products that drastically improves the air in their homes.

Living in the upper Midwest of the continental USA, we feel very blessed to be surrounded by clean air.  It is very easy to take this for granted.  Whenever we travel to areas of the world where clean air is not the norm, the difference is very obvious and unsettling.  This concern is amplified when one considers the numerous studies that point to the significant negative impact that poor air quality has on health, well-being, and quality of life of people.  Poor air quality also puts a significant burden on the healthcare cost and productivity of a population.

We looked around at available products in the market that address this concern we found some solutions but not one that fully addressed the problem.  This inspired us to develop products that are smart, simple, and affordable and would better address the need of the market.

Here’s where you come in.

While we have the idea and some of the key components of this product, we are looking for partners in this journey for key technologies and solutions that will allow us to reach our goal.  

Are you the partner we have been looking for?  Let’s connect and find out.